Different Styles of Wearing Pareo and Kaftans

The amazing free-flowing and loose-fitting kaftans and Pareo for women are becoming a fashion rage. Although a lot of fashion-lovers might consider it as trendy beachwear, you can rock any event with this glamorous attire by wearing it in the perfect style. Available in a wide variety of designs, colors and fabrics, both Pareo and kaftans for women serve as a multipurpose outfit and therefore, you must have at least one in your wardrobe. But to wear it like a fashionista, you must know some hacks of styling it in different ways:

Kaftans for Women

Styling Kaftans:

  • Wear it like a Scarf-

You can easily carry kaftans as a scarf. In case you have a jet black kaftan, glam up your look while wrapping it like a scarf over the dress that you have put on. This will give you a more trendy and stylish appearance. It can be worn like a scarf over various outfits and the look you get is best for any night party.

  • Wear it like a Sarong or Skirt Wrap-

Kaftans for women act more or less like perfect beachwear. Just give it a twist while wearing it like a sarong or skirt wrap especially if you are on a beach holiday. It will not only make you look stylish but will also make you “comfy” on a hot a summer day. However, if you have decided to wear it like a skirt, make sure you opt for the right fabric.

Styling Pareo for women:

  • Style it like a Kimono Shawl- The first step is to take the short ends on every side of Pareo and knot them together so that an opening is created for your hand to pass through. The longer ties make the shawl short while keeping it on your shoulders. Accessorizing your main outfit with this look, would surely grab attention!
Pareo for Women
  • A Mini Halter- Create a big knot by tying your Pareo at front. Grab the two hanging ends, rotate them and tie it at the back of your neck. What you get is quick, glamorous attire that perfectly complements any casual jeans or trousers.

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